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The top 7 things you need to know about Right to Rent
The top 7 things you need to know about Right to Rent

The government’s law on ‘Right to Rent’ has come into force, making the existing legislation obsolete, in the UK. There are top 7 aspects of this law that every landlord needs to know. Have a look at these.

1. Applicable to Landlords and People Subletting

The legislation applies to all the public and private property owners, landlords and the people who sublet properties in England. The landlord can appoint a person on his behalf who would maintain check and balance of rights to rent on his properties. The landlord should enforce the law to all the people, and a proper check should be ensured for all adult occupants and the people living on their property. This law is applicable from 1 February 2016.

2.  There could be a Civil Penalty

When the landlords rent their properties, they should take care of many things, and the one among them is that the renter should be a citizen of England. There could be a penalty of worth $3000 per tenant on the landlord who rents property to a person who is not officially allowed to live in the UK.

3. Four Steps for Check

 The landlord or other property owners should follow these four steps to ensure check.

  • Decide the person who will be able to live on the property
  • Get the original documents from tenants
  • The documents must be checked in presence of tenant
  • The copies of all concerned documents should be kept in record

The landlord should maintain follow-up checks in case the tenant is subjected to a limited stay in the UK.

4. Documents Needed for Evidence

The landlords can check the following documents for proof from the tenant that he is allowed to stay in England. The land owner might face a penalty in the otherwise case if he fails to ensure the correct documents.

  • Passport to England
  • Original ID card
  • Documents that prove his permanent residence
  • Registration certificates
  • Two papers should be obtained for check from this list 

5. A Check will occur in Case the Tenant has an Outstanding Case

The landlord may contact the Home Office Immigration in case the person fails to produce two of the original documents to rent the property. If he says that he has an outstanding immigration case, the landlord will contact the office and will be informed via a confirmation mail either in YES or NO. The people having no access to the internet may communicate via available phone numbers.

6. Landlords make a report in case tenant is not allowed to stay in the UK any longer

If the tenant has no rights to stay any longer in the UK, the landlord should submit the report to Home Office for further checks and follow-up. The report can be submitted via online service.

7. Exceptions

There are few exceptions in the following cases:

  • If the place is provided by some local authority.
  • A student is using the accommodation assigned by a higher education institution.
  • Refuges are living over there.
  • People are using the place to spend the days of holidays or vacation.
  • Any particular company has given the property to its employees.


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