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0% Full Property Management for 12 months!
0% Full Property Management for 12 months!

McQueen Estates prides itself on providing corporate and professional clients to our landlords. We work with a close group of companies who provide accommodation for employees based in HSBC, KPMG, J P Morgan and many others located in the central London area.

The start of the year is always the busiest period for our corporate clients and with the relocation program they provide our landlords with long term tenancies. These lets offers fantastic potential for the tenancy being extended minimizing the chance of any void periods.

Due to increased demand from our professional and corporate clients we are currently offering all new landlords 0% full property management for 12 months when they use McQueen Estates as their sole agent.

Free Management - First 100 Landlords

1. Instruct McQueen Estates as your sole agent on the property for a minimum period of 8 weeks.

2. 0% offer refers to the first 12 months of the tenancy signed.

3. Reduced fee is based on 7% Let Only Fee with 5% Full Property management fee free for the first 12 months.

4. After the first 12 months further reduction from standard rate of 12% to 10% + VAT for a combined let only and management fee on a sole agency basis.

If You Were Looking to Sell...

1. Instruct McQueen Estates as your sole agent on the property for a minimum period of 12 weeks.

2. Sign & honour our standard terms of business

3. Display McQueen Estates board at the property (subject to local planning regulations).

4. All other standard agency terms and conditions apply

If you are thinking to sell instead, then we can offer you 1%+VAT on sales and pass on your property details to our extensive portfolio of overseas investors.

To talk to us about how much we could let your property for to a corporate or professional client or for an up to date free sales valuation please call our busy office on 0207 099 0609 or alternatively use our online form.

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