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THE NEW PHASE - New project in Canary Wharf
THE NEW PHASE - New project in Canary Wharf

The New Phase (formerly Wood Wharf) is going to be one of the tallest buildings to be constructed in London by Canary Wharf, towering at 205 meters.

This building will be named ‘New Phase.’ The site has been arranged in such a way that it will give room to a new residential area.  It will be used for a variety of activities for the community of Waterside.   The space will be divided into smaller areas; for public use, organized community activities and admirable architecture.

Allies and Morrison are the two genii architects behind the master plan of this beauty. This design will provide over 3000 new homes to the community.   There will be a new, high quality commercial office space of nearly two million square feet. Furthermore, a variety of shops and restaurants will be added on a space of 335,000 square feet.

This advancement will expand and increase the CWE (Canary Wharf Estate), adding to its steady but steep rise in cultural and commercial offers.

Wood Wharf represents one of central London’s largest individual owned advancement sites, which has been boosted to twenty two acres and can be recognized as extremely influential on a local, national and international scale.

To date, the architects who have been appointed to the construction and development of this building, comprises of Allies, Morrison, Patel Taylor, SWA, KPF, Darling Associates, Herzog & de Meuron and GA

Wood Wharf will help in the development of the following:

- 4.9 million square feet of the land will be used for mixed developments

-The commercial offices on this site will measure 1.9 million square feet.

-Retail space that includes small and modern shops, restaurants and cafés altogether of about 275,000 square feet.

- Plenty of interdependent public spaces will take up to 3.6 hectares, around 8.9 acres.

-3,277 units created in order to fulfill their desired task in the given designated time period.

The completion date of this magnificent beauty is assumed to be in the year 2023. With this massive project at Wood Wharf (New Phase), it will no doubt be another beautiful creation by Allies and Morrison, as it has everything a man could possibly want. From food to entertainment; every single detail has been very carefully placed in such a way that the results would be outstanding, leaving everyone speechless. 

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