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Surge in home equity as over 55s cash in on property wealth
Surge in home equity as over 55s cash in on property wealth

Surge in home equity as over 55s cash in on property wealth.

In mid year 2015, the equity release grossed over three hundred eighty four point three (384.3) million pounds, which is provided to UK homeowners as a loan to those aged fifty five and over.

New data from ERC shows that this year’s reading has exceeded the last.  With soaring house prices, property wealth is becoming a popular additional source of retired folk’s income. 

5414 new entries were found in the middle of 2015, which indicates a rise of eleven percent, which making an estimated total of over ten thousand for the first 6 months for the year 2015.

None the less, granting a loan to older customers has increased tremendously. According to the statistics, it has risen up to twelve percent since last year.

The Chairman of the ERC said that anyone who is actually looking for advice on how to make their retirement plan flow smoothly should take their personal property as a profitable origin of income. He further stated that home owners have been paying taxes and for their property their entire lives, so that they can cash in on it as a backup plan for their retirement.

He added by saying that there are new providers in the equity who have given assurance that they will bring new ideas for the ERA, which is being held this year. It will assist in fulfilling the growing needs.

The MMR prevented a majority of seniors from achieving a classic debt for their property.  There is ample evidence that a lot of people are on the verge of their IOM without having a compensation plan, meaning that new people are turning to equity release as a solution, instead of lending when they are retired. 

According to the Head of Implementation, ERS is expected to make advancements in leaps and bounds. She mentioned that increased house prices are mixed with poor pension plans and the elderly’s hesitation to buy property.   This has created a destructive wave, which will amplify in the coming future. 

  She finished off by saying that equity release should never exceed a capable pension plan.  How one uses his money in retirement is the decision of the individual.  They may spend or save as they wish and for whichever cause they desire.  That is their decision alone.

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