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Property owners in England have been given until October to install a fully functional smoke and carbon monoxide (CO)alarm
Property owners in England have been given until October to install a fully functional smoke and carbon monoxide (CO)alarm

      In the UK, a lot of people have died in house fires, because either they did not own an alarm, or their alarms were not functioning properly. This negligence costed them their lives.

It is anticipated that this new legislation will decrease the annual death rate to 26 and aims to decrease the injury rate to 670 every year.

Those properties with shared ownership may be ignored. But it is recommended that in order to avoid any mishap they should install an alarm.

In 1988, according to Brandon Lewis, Minister of Housing, 80% of houses had alarms installed. Now that number has risen to 90%.  This is a vast improvement for the safety of precious lives.  

   He stated further that because home owners are more considerate, they usually installed smoke alarms without being told.  But, obviously not everyone did.  Now, he is changing the law to assure that every renter is provided with the safety they deserve. 

Renters should check the functionality of their smoke alarms on a daily basis.  If this is not the case, it should be reported to the government, so they can fix it.

Stephen Williams, Minister of Communities, said that we are committed to develop the PRS in such a way that it will make the renter’s lifestyles better, and also protection from Pyro related mishaps. For the security of the renter, a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm should be installed.

Installation of alarms is recommended for home owners on every floor of their property. These alarms should be tested before allowing anyone to rent homes, so that their safety is not compromised.

Bedrooms have a high risk of catching fire and should not be ignored at any cost. They can be the cause of fire mishaps. Rooms with combustion systems also require the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  It warns users of the presence of smoke or even carbon monoxide before the loss of precious lives.

Installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should not be taken lightly.  If these terms are neglected, then homeowners will have to pay a hefty fine of five thousand pounds. 

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